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Screen Jelly – Share Your Screen

jellydude_73Want to share what you’re doing on your computer with others? ScreenJelly.com allows you to record and capture what you are doing on your computer. Once you have the recording done, you can share the video via twitter, email, facebook, and much more. It is simple to set up, just make an account, and all of your recordings wiil be saved to share at an time you would like. ScreenJelly is a great tool to teach people how to do different thing on the computer…without trying to explain it to somone in words, just show them how on your computer! Check out ScreenJelly.com and give it a try.

Cool Entertainment – CookieDough

If you want a little quick entertainment on your break today turn your audio up and Click Here.  CookieDoughRecords.com is a site where you can find all sorts of cool live animation. Dustin McLean (aka Dustball) is an animator, filmmaker, and musician who creates artistic video animations that are sure to keep you entertained. He records all the music himself. So for quick interesting clips such as this one, that I’m Sure you’ll enjoy, check out his sight at cookiedoughrecords.com.

Hulu.com – The Web’s New TV

Sick of the unlimited amount of clustered videos on Youtube? Tired of purchasing movies and TV shows on itunes? Check Out Hulu.com and add it to your Bonzobox dashboard. Hulu offers many streaming, HD quality videos online from large networks such as NBC, Fox, Comedy Central and much more. The advantage of Hulu is it’s user friendliness. It is extremely easy to find popular movies, TV shows, trailors, and many other types of online videos. Say you got caught up at work and missed the nights Stanley Cup Finals Game or fell asleep too early to watch the Tonight Show, there is no room to worry when you have Hulu. You can instantly watch commercial supported versions of most TV shows from many different networks that have already aired. You can also stream movies and previews that you have not seen yet. Hulu.com pretty much has it all when it comes to TV and Movies online and best of all, its free! So as long as you don’t mind a few commercial breaks here and there, we at BonzoBox highly suggest you add Hulu.com to your dashboard…especially if your sick of browsing YouTube for hours looking for a single video!

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