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Better Screenshots, a New Commitment

Almost exactly a year ago I posted that we had come back to life, then promptly disappeared. We didn’t disappear entirely, though, and are now back with a revamped team, new focus, and even some site updates.

Our goal is to make BonzoBox fast & easy to understand and use, and we’d like your help in making that happen. Leave comments on our blog posts, E-mail us, make suggestions in our UserVoice Forum, and say hi @bonzobox on Twitter. I’ll do my best to write back and together we can make BonzoBox great, (yes, there’s a little cheese there).

So, what have we been working on over the past year? The system that makes the thumbnails has been completely rewritten from the ground up. Screenshots should now come in much faster and look better. We’re still ironing out the kinks but it’s already a big improvement on our old system.

Will it be another year before we post? No. We’re not going to write unless we have something to write, but we’re going to make sure that we have things worth sharing here.

Now, head on over to BonzoBox and see what we’ve done!



We’re Alive: The New BonzoBox

It’s been over a year since we posted here, and today we finally revealed what we’ve been working on – the next generation of BonzoBox.  We got some strong critiques when we first launched and we listened.  Today we are bringing the new, simpler, BonzoBox to the entire BonzoBox community.

The new BonzoBox gets rid of most of those tabs we used to have, increases the size of the thumbnails by almost half, and is designed with speed in mind, (although, admittedly, we’re having some server speed issues – they will be addressed shortly).

We’ve focused even more on communication with this release.  We’re not done yet and we want to make BonzoBox into the best tool possible.  We realize that we’re not there yet and that’s where you come in.  Tell us what you want and need, on our New Uservoice Forum, by E-mail at feedback [at] bonzobox [dot] com, or by clicking on one of the feedback or contact links on the site.  We’re listening. Hard.

We’ve posted a full introduction to the new BonzoBox as part of BonzoBox itself, so check it out for the nitty-gritty details, and let us know what we can do even better.

Announcing Facebook Connect on BonzoBox

A few minutes ago we pushed a major update that adds Facebook Connect to BonzoBox.  We’re pretty excited about this and hope that you will be too!

Facebook Connect allows you to sign in to BonzoBox by authenticating with Facebook instead of creating a username and password on BonzoBox.  If you already have a BonzoBox account you can add Facebook authentication to your account by going to Settings, (by your name in the top right), then choosing Account Linking. If you don’t already have a BonzoBox account simply click the Facebook Connect button in the Sign Up screen.  To sign in using Facebook Connect click the Facebook Connect button in the BonzoBox Sign In screen.

This is only our first step with the Facebook platform here on BonzoBox. We are planning even deeper integration with the Facebook platform and there is more to come.