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Too Many Networks? – Ping.fm

pingfm-logo28. Thats the number of social network accounts I have online. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger, ActiveRain, Plurk the list goes on and on. Now I know 28 is pretty absurd but it’s part of what I do and how I stay up with the latest social media trends online. I’m guessing you have more than just a Facebook. If so, and your sick of updating each different site throughout the day or week, try out Ping.fm. This site is cool! It lets you hook into all of your social media accounts at once and will update them all at the same time. It makes managing social networks so easy. Link into to 50 different social networks at once (although we will consider you a little bit nuts if you have 50 social networking accounts). It’s simple, easy, and worth it. Check it and save yourself some time.


BonzoBox: Plugging into the Online Social Realm

The days of standing alone online have long passed. The monopolization of big tech conglomerates has diminished and will continue to. The sudden onrush of start-ups in the tech world are grasping niche markets and providing better services free to the public. In this open-source world that continues to flourish there is one theme that is omnipotent: connect everyone to everyone else. Building an online community around everything and anything seems to be popular demand. Let the creators create, the user enjoy, and the community empower. Collectivism can do extraordinary things for all. Look at Wikipedia for example, a compilation of many individuals who have collectively created the most informational online encyclopedia ever. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Digg, Flickr, and many other sites have also created communities in which the users have the power to collectively create online social societies that provide unlimited information. At BonzoBox, our community proves to be doing the same. Our continued growth in users is creating a portal for people from all over the world to find and share websites anywhere, anytime in an interactive way. Through tags, sharing, ratings, and searches, BonzoBox allows for a limitless amount of information for users to find and explore websites. BonzoBox distinguishes itself from the rest by providing a homepage portal from which the users can interact with others and explore websites socially, while still keeping their BonzoBox homepage dashboard personal. While our community continues to grow, we hope your knowledge of the web expands by sharing and finding new websites through BonzoBox. Just remember, while BonzoBox is fully engulfed in the online social scene, it also allows you to stay personal with your own customized homepage and privacy settings. Make sure to spread the word, stay connected, and enjoy all that BonzoBox has to offer!