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Performance Issues Resolved

You may have noticed that sometimes BonzoBox has been extremely slow to load over the past 2 weeks.  We noticed too and set to work finding out why. 

It turns out that the program that imports our updated screenshots was very hard on the database and as a result whenever it started working, (at least every 5 minutes), the database would be overloaded and BonzoBox pages would stop loading properly.  This is why BonzoBox sometimes appeared to be up one minute, down the next, and back up 2 minutes after that.  To fix the problem we rewrote the program that imports the updated screenshots so be much nicer to the database and everything seems to be running fine now, and has been since last night.  As an added bonus updated screenshots are now imported much faster!

Thank you for your patience while we hunted down the cause of the problem and got it fixed.

BonzoBox is Faster

Since the New Year the BonzoBox community has been experiencing explosive growth. As a result of that growth, we’ve been planning to upgrade our servers for a while. The plan was to smoothly transition to the newer, faster servers. Well, last Sunday, due to circumstances beyond our control, our old server was shut down for a day and a half, so I went into overdrive to move everything to our new server and bring the site back. By the time our old server was brought back online we were far enough into moving everything to the new server that the decision was made to offer limited functionality to existing BonzoBoxers during the move then re-open everything once we were ready for prime-time on the new system. We opened everything up again on Wednesday, and brought back the final missing feature, on-demand screenshots, on Saturday. We are sorry for the problems that the downtime caused. We understand that it was a headache, it was for us too. While we were down we weren’t able to bookmark the reference sites we were using to bring everything back up! However, we’re back now, and better than ever.

We are really excited about our new server. Here are some highlights:

  • 5.5 times the processing power of the old server
  • 8 times the memory of the old server
  • 4.5 times the storage of the old server

On top of that we have moved the system that generates screenshots into an environment where we have access to virtually unlimited computing power.

We have improved our backups too. We now back-up all of your data every hour to a secure location. We also have nightly on-site backups of absolutely everything, and nightly offsite backups of absolutely all data, (even the stuff that we’re already doing hourly). This means that even if the data center where our servers are housed burns to the ground your data is safe.

Now we’re settled into our new home, We can finally fix some bugs that you have discovered and improving BonzoBox. For all of you who have been patiently waiting for something, (like better bookmark import), hold on, it’s coming. Now go and enjoy the new, speedy, servers