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Your Music Free – GrooveShark.com

I know I already wrote about pandora. However, if you only got your 40 free hours of music this month from pandora and are hesitant about spending the $37 for unlimited music then switch to Grooveshark.com. Tons of music flows through Grooveshark and you can pretty much personalize it to yourself. It has great functionality and is very user friendly. I am not an avid user yet so I cant exactly fill you in on all of their great functions. I do know one thing though, If you’re Canadian you can actually use Grooveshark, unlike Pandora. Check it out, its easy to use, its sleek, and most importantly it has a lot of great music.

Cool Entertainment – CookieDough

If you want a little quick entertainment on your break today turn your audio up and Click Here.  CookieDoughRecords.com is a site where you can find all sorts of cool live animation. Dustin McLean (aka Dustball) is an animator, filmmaker, and musician who creates artistic video animations that are sure to keep you entertained. He records all the music himself. So for quick interesting clips such as this one, that I’m Sure you’ll enjoy, check out his sight at cookiedoughrecords.com.

The Music Genome Project – Pandora.com


Online radio just keeps getting more and more sophisticated. Just by typing the name of a single song or artist into Pandora.com a whole personalized radio station is created for you for free. While it seems a bit crazy that you can create up to a hundred different radio stations that are custom tailored to your preferences, we want to let you know how this is done behind the scenes and why its amazing. When you type a song name into Pandora.com over 400 different musical characteristics of the song are analyzed by The Music Genome Project. In the year 2000 the Music Genome Project was started by a group of 50 musician analysts who song by song have gathered the most comprehensive taxonomy of musical information ever. The details for each song analyzed can take up to 30 minutes to collect. Attributes such as the lyrics, melody, harmony, vocals, etc. are carefully detailed and entered into a database which is able to compare one song to another. The Music Genome Project is so cool because by the user selecting a single song it can match its musical attributes up with other songs that are similar and create a radio station for you. As pandora gets to know you better and better by tracking the songs you type in or the ones you give good ratings too, The Music Genome Project will eventually create you the perfect radio stations for each genre of music you like. At BonzoBox, we know you like your homepage tailored to your liking…So if you also like your music tailored to your taste, add pandora.com to your dashboard and watch the Music Genome Project go to work for you!