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Go Green at Home! – CyberHomes.com Green Super Feature

GreenLogoWell, unless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the past year, you know that going green is a high priority everywhere. You cant hide from it nor can you escape it, so if you’re not already on board, the green train will catch up with you. Taking small steps towards helping the environment for yourself and generations to come is important… in fact it will become imperative . Nobody, is asking you to become an extremist but the best way to start small is in your Home! There are plenty of ways to go green at home on a daily basis that are very simple and might even save you some money.

CyberHomes.com‘s brand new Go Green at Home Super Feature offers all the information you need to make your house Eco-friendly.  Learn From Green Guru, James Glave, author of, How I Saved 1/6th of a Billionth of The Planet. Glave offers practical tips, video lessons, and other expert information throughout the Super Feature. You can learn how to greenify your homes in areas such as, home improvement, appliances, furniture, energy, cleaning, and yard and garden. The Green Super Feature is interactive and very user friendly. Be one of the first to check it out. Remember, starting by going green at home is one of the easiest ways to begin to be Eco-friendly. Get on it!

MortgageOutReach.Org – Get Informed

With the American economy in a slump and a financial crisis throughout the nation, foreclosures are at a 30 year all time high. In fact, one in every 54 Americans lost their homes last year. Many people are defaulting on their mortgage payments without taking any necessary steps to get themselves out of trouble. There is plenty of research to be done and safety options for homeowners struggling with their mortgage payments. MortgageOutreach.org has been rated the best informational site for borrowers to learn about all of their options. The site provides the ability for users to learn what happened, identify their own specific problem, and decide what the best option to choose is to keep their home safe and away from foreclosure.

MortgageOutReach.org is especially great because it provides completely unbiased information unlike many websites which will try to persuade borrowers to consider refinancing immediately. The site is also much more user friendly than government and lender sites which use complex terms and are difficult to navigate. MortgageOutReach.org is dedicated to assisting in the positive turnaround of borrower and lender relations and provide the necessary tools to help this cause.

MortgageOutReach.org provides information and tools for all of the following.

– Why America is in This Position

– Lender Faults & Affects
– Borrower Faults & Affects
– Investor Faults & Affects
-Government Faults & Affects

– What to Do if…

– You cant Afford a Payment
– You Missed a Payment
– You Owe More Than Your House is Worth

– Your Options and Which Are Best

– Loan Modification
– Refinance
– Short Sale
– Short Fi
– Foreclosure

– Tools & Links

– Multiple Mortgage Calculators
– Government Programs
– State Plans & Assistance
– Lender Plans & Assistance
– Up-To-Date News, Articles, & Reviews
– Testimonials

MortgageOutReach.org provides all of the above and much more. The site has all of the most important information you could need pertaining to the mortgage epidemic in America. Most importantly, it is a site that you can TRUST, as it is dedicated to providing completely unbiased and extremely useful information to its users. We suggest that you check out the site to learn about the mortgage issues affecting this nation and make sure you, your family, and your house are safe from delinquency, default, or foreclosure!