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Another Year

It seems that I post in November each year. I was going to post on Saturday to make it exactly a year since I last posted, but things have been crazy at my house, so Monday it is!

This year we’ve been slowly making improvements to BonzoBox, (here’s the list). The one we’re most excited about has been the elimination of the sidebar on the site and larger screenshots with always-visible site names. You wouldn’t think it makes much of a difference but it makes things so much cleaner and easier to use.

We’ve also been experimenting with different advertising providers, but for the moment have removed almost all advertising from BonzoBox. We thing that no ads are better than spammy ads, although at some point some sort of advertising will probably come back. We’ll try to keep it classy.

That’s it for the moment. I mostly wanted to post because it’s been a year. Here’s to less than a year next time!

We’re Alive: The New BonzoBox

It’s been over a year since we posted here, and today we finally revealed what we’ve been working on – the next generation of BonzoBox.  We got some strong critiques when we first launched and we listened.  Today we are bringing the new, simpler, BonzoBox to the entire BonzoBox community.

The new BonzoBox gets rid of most of those tabs we used to have, increases the size of the thumbnails by almost half, and is designed with speed in mind, (although, admittedly, we’re having some server speed issues – they will be addressed shortly).

We’ve focused even more on communication with this release.  We’re not done yet and we want to make BonzoBox into the best tool possible.  We realize that we’re not there yet and that’s where you come in.  Tell us what you want and need, on our New Uservoice Forum, by E-mail at feedback [at] bonzobox [dot] com, or by clicking on one of the feedback or contact links on the site.  We’re listening. Hard.

We’ve posted a full introduction to the new BonzoBox as part of BonzoBox itself, so check it out for the nitty-gritty details, and let us know what we can do even better.