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Performance Issues Resolved

You may have noticed that sometimes BonzoBox has been extremely slow to load over the past 2 weeks.  We noticed too and set to work finding out why. 

It turns out that the program that imports our updated screenshots was very hard on the database and as a result whenever it started working, (at least every 5 minutes), the database would be overloaded and BonzoBox pages would stop loading properly.  This is why BonzoBox sometimes appeared to be up one minute, down the next, and back up 2 minutes after that.  To fix the problem we rewrote the program that imports the updated screenshots so be much nicer to the database and everything seems to be running fine now, and has been since last night.  As an added bonus updated screenshots are now imported much faster!

Thank you for your patience while we hunted down the cause of the problem and got it fixed.