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@BonzoBox Users – About Me

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Since you all have been reading my posts probably wondering where I come up with these websites to share, I want to give you a little info on myself, my personality, and why I do this. I feel like every blogger at some point should share who they are. First, I like to write, second, I pretty much sit at my computer all day until I go to sleep, and last, I really like diet coke. All of that combined means I find some pretty damn cool stuff on the web. I am one of the founders of BonzoBox, I felt there was a strong need for a social homepage online. I wanted something fun, something sleek, something organized. So far I’m happy. I’m in my early 20’s so I have a lot of energy and excitement so if I get a little wordy in my posts its because I’m really into what I’m writing. I SUCK, let me repeat, I SUCK at spelling. I love the part in Billy Madison when Adam Sandler spells chair, C H A R E. So if I spell something wrong post a comment, I’m always up for a little learning and a little criticism. I’m a little bit sarcastic most of the time but try and control myself in my posts but if a bit of opinion comes out, don’t be offended or be offended either way works. I really don’t like things that don’t make any logical sense. Like this trend of wearing sunglasses at night indoors. I was watching the ESPY’s…way too many indoor at night at a show sunglasses on. Anyways, i choose most sites that i suggest carefully making sure that the majority of users will like them, use them, and add them to their dashboard. i also don’t like capitalizing my i’s. Thats it for now ; ) . Keep checking back for cool new stuff.