HAHA – No Way!

Well I came across a website that nobody will dislike. Greg Rutter, whoever he is, has compiled a list of the 99 things that you should of by now seen on the Internet. The reason you “should have” seen them is because they are hilarious, outlandish, and down right ridiculous. For example, have you ever been to the website about the guy who started a religion Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?…HAHA what a joke. Many of the 99 things on the web mentioned are Youtube links, but as an avid Youtuber I would have to agree he has chosen many of the best. Checkout the site at youshouldhaveseenthis.com and enjoy!

Cool Entertainment – CookieDough

If you want a little quick entertainment on your break today turn your audio up and Click Here.  CookieDoughRecords.com is a site where you can find all sorts of cool live animation. Dustin McLean (aka Dustball) is an animator, filmmaker, and musician who creates artistic video animations that are sure to keep you entertained. He records all the music himself. So for quick interesting clips such as this one, that I’m Sure you’ll enjoy, check out his sight at cookiedoughrecords.com.

Breathing Earth – A Must See!

Breathing Earth
This site by far is one of my all time favorites. Whether your a strong advocate of Global Warming or not, this site will still be interesting to you. BreathingEarth.net is an interactive simulation of the world which shows you live coverage of  the worlds population, the birth rate and death rate, and the amount CO2 being emitted. You can mouse over any country in the world and view its population and CO2 statistics. For example, earlier today I moused over Japan. These are the Stats I got which fluctuated by the second:

Population: 127,107,186               1 Person Dies Every: 26.8 seconds               1 Person is Born Every: 31.5 seconds

1000 Tonnes of CO2 Emmited Every: 24.5 seconds               CO2 Emitted Per Person: 10.1 Tonnes / Year

The facts are interesting to see around the world. The simulator also calculates how long you have been on the site and will let you know how many births and deaths have occured since you have been watching, along with the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. I watched for less than 20 minutes and more than 1.5 million tons had been emitted. UT OH! Check this site out, BreathingEarth.net, and if you want to learn about how much you personally are affectign the environment scroll down on BreathingEarth.net and click on”Footprint Network” (or just go to footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/calculators/).

Water Footprint Network logoThis site is awesome because you can take a very short virtual quiz to find out how much you personally affect the enviornment. I found out that if every person on the planet lived my lifestyle it would take 9 planet earths worth of resources to support everyone..and I would consider my energy and resource usage to be average. I also found out that supporting my lifestle alone takes up about 39.8 global acres of land. Looks like its time for me to start getting a little more Green. I suggest you check out these sites and see how you can Help or at least get informed and watch a cool simulation ; )

Follow Us on Twitter

Well, it’s almost overwhelming at this point. You can’t escape Twitter! Its on your TV,  your computer, your radio, even the cover over TIME magazine. For those of you who aren’t sure what Twitter is, it is a web portal for people to use to provide updates on themselves or any information relevant to whatever they want. So basically, you can follow recent updates about your friends or breaking world news. Twitter is very user friendly especially from your mobile phone. Updates are short, only 140 characters max. Everybody is starting to use twitter from Paris Hilton to Shaquile Oneil, you can follow almost anyone or anything. We suggest you join Twitter, add it to your dash, and start to Follow Bonzobox to recieve updates from our amazing CTO, John Beales and the rest of the crew!

Never Miss Your Alarm Again – Wake Up Land

banner01Well, unfortunately I was late for an appointment this morning because my phones alarm conveniently decided to not go off at the time I set it at. I would imagine this issue occurs thousands of times daily to people across the world. Whether it be their clock, radio, or television, the alarm may not go off causing you to miss an appointment, flight, class, etc. So I came across a site today that will call your cell phone to wake you up, provide you with reminders, get you out of tight situations, etc. Wakeupland.com will wake you up and can provide you with extras such as the daily weather forecast and stock quotes. Other features include, Fun Facts, Joke Of The Day, Quote Of The Day, Psalm Of The Day, this Day in History, and more. Wakeupland can also send calls to a list of pone numbers for reminders. For example, if you have a business meeting with 5 others, type in all of their numbers to remind them of their appointment. You can also record your voice messages. While there is a free trial plan, Wakeupland.com services are not completely free but they are very cheap. Check out the site and start getting your own voice recorded reminder and wake up calls with fun updates for the upcoming day. Add it to you BonzoBox Dash.

WordPress – Tricky Tricky


As our CTO, John Beales, was developing our site profiling program he came accross what we consider an act of brilliance.  WordPress snuck a recruiting message into page headers on WordPress.com. Page headers are the extra information sent between a web browser and a web server but are rarely seen by the average person browsing the web. Basically, in “layman terms”, WordPress placed a secret message in their webpage that even coders and programmers would have a hard time finding.  You can see the message in the screenshot above   ; )

There, I fixed It!

Looking for some of the most awesome homemade inventions?  ThereIFixed It.com has some of the goofiest ideas to repair or find remedies to your everyday problems. Some are funny, some are ugly, and some are just down right awesome. Either way the site will catch your interest and the inventions will get your attention. Check it out! You just may find a way to fix up your biggest problem.

BonzoBox Conference – June 2009

As BonzoBox continues to grow we are all excited for new upgrades and features to come. Our weekend conference begins today to discuss which features we will implement as 2010 approaches. There is no doubt that programming jargon surrounding everything from BonzoBox Mobile to comprehensive search algorithms and  URL shortening will be discussed. Whatever it is, these features will be tailored towards enhancing your online experience and making it easier for you to navigate the web, find great websites, and share them anywhere in the world with anyone you would like in fun and interactive ways. BonzoBox is now available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Deutsch with more languages to come!  Remember this weekend and the following developments and changes to come are for you. So if you’re a BonzoBox veteran or a brand new user, get excited as there is a plethora of upgrades to come. Stay tuned for a summary of this weekend and what will be coming soon to BonzoBox.com. It’s sure to be a hard working, brain bashing, and entertaining weekend at the BonzoBox office.

Thank You for continuing to use BonzoBox.com,

Ryan Ozonian - Chief Creative Development
John Beales - Chief Technology Officer
Programming - Aniket Dixit, Ashit Vora, Gaurav Jotwani, Jonathan Sebastian, Vishwas Pandya, & Yash Patel
Marketing - Ken Yashamita, Gabe Wolpa

MortgageOutReach.Org – Get Informed

With the American economy in a slump and a financial crisis throughout the nation, foreclosures are at a 30 year all time high. In fact, one in every 54 Americans lost their homes last year. Many people are defaulting on their mortgage payments without taking any necessary steps to get themselves out of trouble. There is plenty of research to be done and safety options for homeowners struggling with their mortgage payments. MortgageOutreach.org has been rated the best informational site for borrowers to learn about all of their options. The site provides the ability for users to learn what happened, identify their own specific problem, and decide what the best option to choose is to keep their home safe and away from foreclosure.

MortgageOutReach.org is especially great because it provides completely unbiased information unlike many websites which will try to persuade borrowers to consider refinancing immediately. The site is also much more user friendly than government and lender sites which use complex terms and are difficult to navigate. MortgageOutReach.org is dedicated to assisting in the positive turnaround of borrower and lender relations and provide the necessary tools to help this cause.

MortgageOutReach.org provides information and tools for all of the following.

– Why America is in This Position

– Lender Faults & Affects
– Borrower Faults & Affects
– Investor Faults & Affects
-Government Faults & Affects

– What to Do if…

– You cant Afford a Payment
– You Missed a Payment
– You Owe More Than Your House is Worth

– Your Options and Which Are Best

– Loan Modification
– Refinance
– Short Sale
– Short Fi
– Foreclosure

– Tools & Links

– Multiple Mortgage Calculators
– Government Programs
– State Plans & Assistance
– Lender Plans & Assistance
– Up-To-Date News, Articles, & Reviews
– Testimonials

MortgageOutReach.org provides all of the above and much more. The site has all of the most important information you could need pertaining to the mortgage epidemic in America. Most importantly, it is a site that you can TRUST, as it is dedicated to providing completely unbiased and extremely useful information to its users. We suggest that you check out the site to learn about the mortgage issues affecting this nation and make sure you, your family, and your house are safe from delinquency, default, or foreclosure!