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The App Revolution


New Web Applications and tools keep coming out faster and fresher. They can make your life online more efficient and fun. They can help improve business, communication, and pretty much life as we know it. It is necessary to stay up to date with these applications to keep your online life running smoothly. In honor of this new app revolution we have entered, I have created a list of my favorites that you may not have heard of, make sure you check them out and add their sites to your bonzobox!

Hootsuite 2.0
Hootsuite allows users to control multiple twitter accounts from one location and much more. Schedule tweets to send when you are not even at your computer, add the “hootlet” toolbar button to tweet while you surf the web, allow their url shortener to do the work for you, and track statistics from al of your twitter accounts. Hootsuite is a must have if you are a twitter fanatic.

Tweetdeck is basically a personal browser that keeps all of your twitter needs organized. It is by far one of the best iphone applications out for twitter. Stay up to speed with the latest tweets from your friends, groups, and interests. To learn more click here.

Tweetmeme combines  and categorizes popular links on twitter and determines which are the most popular. Tweetmeme is famous for its Retweet button which you can post on your webpage, blog, etc. The button allows twitter users to Retweet a post or an article straight from the page the button is located on to their twitter account. It also has an integrated URL shortener making it easy to link back to the article or post.

Buddy Press
Buddy press is an extended and enhanced version of WordPress & WordPress MU. It will allow users to interact more socially through its suite of plugins and themes.  These new plugins which can be selected individually or in bundles, will allow users to create their own social network if they wish.  Features include, extended profiles, private messaging, friends, groups, interactive commenting, activity streams, blog tracking, forums, and much more. If you are looking to create a site or blog that is extremely social and interactive, buddypress is the way to go.


Friendfeed is a platform that allows you to easily share content with friends online. A customized feed will be set up for you as soon as you have  added your friends to the app.

Posterous is a service that allows users to post thoughts, information, and files online using email. Maintain your own website or blog by emailing anything to and they will post it for you. What an easy way to manage a blog. If you can email, you can have your own, frequently updated website to share with the world! allows you to record and submit short audio files accompanied by a brief message. These files can then be set up to automatically post to your twitter or friendfeed accounts. Once submitted, your blip will be shared with all your friends and followers.

Gliffy is becoming popular in business environments as an interactive tool which creates visuals and diagrams. Collaborate with coworkers by sharing customized diagrams that are very easy to make.  Share flowcharts, spreadsheets, floorplans, userinterface designs, and more.

To put it simply, is the best tool online to manage your money, and its free. Within minutes, mint can accurately see where your spending your money, analyze the performance of investments, and set up budgets. You will also receive email and text message alerts notifying you when there are changes in your finances. Mint is a great tool that both businesses and individuals can utilize to determine how to save and spend money wisely.

Docstoc is a great platform which allows users to upload and share documents in a majority of different ways. They also spread and promote documents across the web through the blogosphere and mainstream media portals.

Make a video slideshow from your images. Animoto automatically generates customized videos fro your media files including, images, sound clips, and video clips. You can narrate your pictures with text or an audio clip. Use Animoto to create quality slideshow videos very quickly.

Wufoo is an application that gives users the ability to build customized online forums. Wufoo automatically builds the database, backend and scripts so that you can analyze the data. Use Wufoo to build contactforms, mailing lists, surveys, calenders, invitations, address books, finances, and more.

Need a .mov file turned into a mp4? Zamzar is a service that allows you to convert any of your files into different formats quickly and easily. Use Zamzar to convers images, videos, songs, documents, and more.

Chatterbox is an app for twitter users that allows them focus on keywords to see only the tweets that they want Users can then categorize and prioritize specific tweets for follow up. Chatterbox is very open allowing you to share with anyone and anyone to share your chatterbox information. This app is great for spreading content.


ScreenJelly allows users to record what they are doing on their computer screen while talking into their computers mocrophone and share it with anybody they wish via twitter, email facebook, and more. Use Screenjelly to instruct people or simply show them something useful. Screen jelly allows users to create accounts and save recording that are up to 3 minutes long. So if you want to provide more accurate direction on how to do something on your Pc/Mac try out ScreenJelly.

TwitFs is a tool that allows you to share files on twitter. Sign up free and share videos, audio clips, pictures, documents and more from your twitter account. TwitFs is great because it has a fast and easy uploader.

Need a customized twitter background? Enhance your twitter profile with a custom graphic design that can include everything from a personal picture to themes for your business. Niel Pinchin, is an expert graphic designer that specializes specifically in twitter backgrounds. Check out to enhance your twitter account.

Harvest allows businesses to track time, log expenses, invoice clients, and keep track of revenue in one simple interactive workflow. It is easy to set yourself and your business up in a matter of minutes. Harvest also provides the ability to keep track of your businesses resources and vies graphically how they are distributed. This is a great app for small businesses and professionals.

Make free phone calls to over 30 different countries from your red browser. Bookmark your favorite calling destinations and embed freeringer into your website.

Jabbify is a tool that allows you to add instant messaging to your website in under a minute. With Jabbify you can enhance your business or personal website by having chat directly on the page to help further engage users.

TokBox is a video chat app that allows you to easily video chat with friends, family and coworkers. TokBox enables users to import their friends and contacts from their email providers and social networks. It also allows for the ability to have group video chats so you can video chat with multiple people who are in different locations.

Breathing Earth – A Must See!

Breathing Earth
This site by far is one of my all time favorites. Whether your a strong advocate of Global Warming or not, this site will still be interesting to you. is an interactive simulation of the world which shows you live coverage of  the worlds population, the birth rate and death rate, and the amount CO2 being emitted. You can mouse over any country in the world and view its population and CO2 statistics. For example, earlier today I moused over Japan. These are the Stats I got which fluctuated by the second:

Population: 127,107,186               1 Person Dies Every: 26.8 seconds               1 Person is Born Every: 31.5 seconds

1000 Tonnes of CO2 Emmited Every: 24.5 seconds               CO2 Emitted Per Person: 10.1 Tonnes / Year

The facts are interesting to see around the world. The simulator also calculates how long you have been on the site and will let you know how many births and deaths have occured since you have been watching, along with the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. I watched for less than 20 minutes and more than 1.5 million tons had been emitted. UT OH! Check this site out,, and if you want to learn about how much you personally are affectign the environment scroll down on and click on”Footprint Network” (or just go to

Water Footprint Network logoThis site is awesome because you can take a very short virtual quiz to find out how much you personally affect the enviornment. I found out that if every person on the planet lived my lifestyle it would take 9 planet earths worth of resources to support everyone..and I would consider my energy and resource usage to be average. I also found out that supporting my lifestle alone takes up about 39.8 global acres of land. Looks like its time for me to start getting a little more Green. I suggest you check out these sites and see how you can Help or at least get informed and watch a cool simulation ; )

Follow Us on Twitter

Well, it’s almost overwhelming at this point. You can’t escape Twitter! Its on your TV,  your computer, your radio, even the cover over TIME magazine. For those of you who aren’t sure what Twitter is, it is a web portal for people to use to provide updates on themselves or any information relevant to whatever they want. So basically, you can follow recent updates about your friends or breaking world news. Twitter is very user friendly especially from your mobile phone. Updates are short, only 140 characters max. Everybody is starting to use twitter from Paris Hilton to Shaquile Oneil, you can follow almost anyone or anything. We suggest you join Twitter, add it to your dash, and start to Follow Bonzobox to recieve updates from our amazing CTO, John Beales and the rest of the crew!


Tomorrow, Tuesday January 20th, 2009 will go down as one of the greatest triumphs in American History and we at Bonzobox hope you participate in one way or another on this historic day. Barrack Obama will be sworn into office as the first African American United States President. Millions plan to flock into the streets of Washington D.C. to witness this historic 56th presidential inauguration. As support for the Obama presidency continues to grow you can expect nothing less than to see millions of Americans with smiles on their faces. Obama will swear his oath as president on the bible that was last used at the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln in 1861. He is expect to deliver a confident speech which will address issues from the War in Iraq to the state of the economy. His speech will recognize the importance of unity and Obama will reassure the American People that the United States is in good hands. Parades, balls, and other festive events will occur as America celebrates it’s new leader. The Schedule of events is as follows:

11:30 am ET – The inauguration ceremony will begin. Barrack Obama will be sworn in as president accompanied by his family as will Vice President Joe Biden. Following the ceremony Obama and Biden’s family will have a luncheon.

2:30 pm ET – The inauguration parade will begin headed down Pennsylvania Avenenue. The parade will start at the United States Capitol building and end at the White house. Obama and his family will ride alongside the parade in an armored Cadillac nicknamed “The Beast”

7:00 pm ET – President Obama will put on the first ever Neighborhood ball. Musical performances will include: Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Faith Hill ,Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Shakira, Stevie Wonder and Nick Cannon. The neighborhood ball will be aired on ABC.

At Bonzobox we hope you participate in watching/attending this historic day in American history. For More information on the 56th inauguration, please add the website to your BonzoBox Dashboard!

BonzoBox: The

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viewers from bombarding the site, in fact its helping. America loves to dig up dirt on anyone they can and if it makes for good reading or an afternoon full of comedy, why not spend 2 hours scrolling through Nik Richie may be hated by all those he’s put on blast for the whole world to see but what he calls his “Dirty Army” is growing rapidly. These are die hard fans of that comment all day long on the photos Nik Richie posts. Nik has done a fantastic job of brining a community together

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and creating gossip and drama around the internet world. With TheDirty currently at #7 on the “What’s Hot” list based on the most frequented sites visited by BonzoBox users, we suggest you drag it to

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