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BonzoBox for Everyone

We just pushed a major upgrade to the site and we’re pretty excited about it.

The first and most obvious change is that sign-in is no longer obligitory.  Of course you should sign in to access your own personal BonzoBox, but if you just want to pop in and do a quick Google search then you can.

The second major change is that you no longer have a Bonzo Name, but you do have a Personal BonzoBox URL.  We have decided to move toward having everyone use their real first names here on BonzoBox.  Your old Bonzo Name is now your Personal URL, for example, if your Bonzo Name was johnbeales, (like me), your Personal BonzoBox URL would be If your old Bonzo Name has strange characters in it that don’t work in a URL contact us using the feedback link at the bottom of the page and we’ll get it updated for you.

That’s it for the moment.  More is coming over the next week.  Stay tuned.

New Feedback & Upgrades

Our new feedback tab.

Our new feedback tab.

Great new feedback system from Get Satisfaction

Here on BonzoBox there’s always been a link at the very bottom of the site that allows you to send feedback to us, but it’s not very obvious and just sends an E-mail – not very 21st century of us, so this week we have pushed an update that gives all of you BonzoBoxers out there a way to participate in making BonzoBox better:  Feedback powered by Get Satisfaction.

Get Satisfaction allows you to send us questions, ideas, problem reports, and even praise, and it lets others see what’s going on and let us know their thoughts on the subject.  For example, if Sally wants the ability to make her BonzoBox sing to her she can post an idea that says “BonzoBox should sing to me.”  Then, if Jane likes the idea she can tell us so from the same web page and start following the idea so she knows what’s going on.  This will allow us to know which ideas are the most loved, (or hated).  It also means that the survey will be closed down by the end of the weekend.

You will notice a black tab on the left side of most BonzoBox pages that says “Feedback.”  Just click it and tell us your ideas, wishes, and gripes.

Back-End improvements to allow for faster updates

You may not be aware, but BonzoBox is multi-lingual, we have both English and Spanish versions of BonzoBox, and have a couple more languages coming soon.  However, it’s tough to quickly add new features to a website when everything has to be done in four languages! So, a major part of our updates this week consisted of code changes that allow us to update the different languages independently as the translations are ready.  This means that for those of you using BonzoBox in English, you may see features slightly faster than those of you using BonzoBox in other languages.  This will allow us to keep on innovating and experimenting at breakneck speed!

Who is this John guy?

You may have noticed that this post is not written by the Bonzo Guy.  It’s written by John.  I am the Chief Technology Officer of BonzoBox and I will be writing about new features and upgrades to BonzoBox, and maybe something else once in a while if I feel like it.  Want to know what’s in my BonzoBox?  Check it out here.