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Your Music Free –

I know I already wrote about pandora. However, if you only got your 40 free hours of music this month from pandora and are hesitant about spending the $37 for unlimited music then switch to Tons of music flows through Grooveshark and you can pretty much personalize it to yourself. It has great functionality and is very user friendly. I am not an avid user yet so I cant exactly fill you in on all of their great functions. I do know one thing though, If you’re Canadian you can actually use Grooveshark, unlike Pandora. Check it out, its easy to use, its sleek, and most importantly it has a lot of great music.

@BonzoBox Users – About Me

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Since you all have been reading my posts probably wondering where I come up with these websites to share, I want to give you a little info on myself, my personality, and why I do this. I feel like every blogger at some point should share who they are. First, I like to write, second, I pretty much sit at my computer all day until I go to sleep, and last, I really like diet coke. All of that combined means I find some pretty damn cool stuff on the web. I am one of the founders of BonzoBox, I felt there was a strong need for a social homepage online. I wanted something fun, something sleek, something organized. So far I’m happy. I’m in my early 20’s so I have a lot of energy and excitement so if I get a little wordy in my posts its because I’m really into what I’m writing. I SUCK, let me repeat, I SUCK at spelling. I love the part in Billy Madison when Adam Sandler spells chair, C H A R E. So if I spell something wrong post a comment, I’m always up for a little learning and a little criticism. I’m a little bit sarcastic most of the time but try and control myself in my posts but if a bit of opinion comes out, don’t be offended or be offended either way works. I really don’t like things that don’t make any logical sense. Like this trend of wearing sunglasses at night indoors. I was watching the ESPY’s…way too many indoor at night at a show sunglasses on. Anyways, i choose most sites that i suggest carefully making sure that the majority of users will like them, use them, and add them to their dashboard. i also don’t like capitalizing my i’s. Thats it for now ; ) . Keep checking back for cool new stuff.

Too Many Networks? –

pingfm-logo28. Thats the number of social network accounts I have online. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger, ActiveRain, Plurk the list goes on and on. Now I know 28 is pretty absurd but it’s part of what I do and how I stay up with the latest social media trends online. I’m guessing you have more than just a Facebook. If so, and your sick of updating each different site throughout the day or week, try out This site is cool! It lets you hook into all of your social media accounts at once and will update them all at the same time. It makes managing social networks so easy. Link into to 50 different social networks at once (although we will consider you a little bit nuts if you have 50 social networking accounts). It’s simple, easy, and worth it. Check it and save yourself some time.

Go Green at Home! – Green Super Feature

GreenLogoWell, unless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the past year, you know that going green is a high priority everywhere. You cant hide from it nor can you escape it, so if you’re not already on board, the green train will catch up with you. Taking small steps towards helping the environment for yourself and generations to come is important… in fact it will become imperative . Nobody, is asking you to become an extremist but the best way to start small is in your Home! There are plenty of ways to go green at home on a daily basis that are very simple and might even save you some money.‘s brand new Go Green at Home Super Feature offers all the information you need to make your house Eco-friendly.  Learn From Green Guru, James Glave, author of, How I Saved 1/6th of a Billionth of The Planet. Glave offers practical tips, video lessons, and other expert information throughout the Super Feature. You can learn how to greenify your homes in areas such as, home improvement, appliances, furniture, energy, cleaning, and yard and garden. The Green Super Feature is interactive and very user friendly. Be one of the first to check it out. Remember, starting by going green at home is one of the easiest ways to begin to be Eco-friendly. Get on it!

What’s this Bonzo Daily thing?

You may have noticed that Ryan, one of our co-founders, has been posting cool and interesting sites for the past couple of weeks in the new Blog category Bonzo Daily.

Ryan is really great at finding interesting or funny things on the internet, so we want to share some of his finds with you.  For now, we’re posting his Bonzo Daily articles both in the Bonzo Daily category and in the Latest News category so that they appear directly on, but we don’t plan on pushing them to forever, so subscribe to our RSS feed or follow @bonzobox on twitter to keep getting the latest Bonzo Daily sites from Ryan.

PS. You can check out Ryan’s BonzoBox here.

HAHA – No Way!

Well I came across a website that nobody will dislike. Greg Rutter, whoever he is, has compiled a list of the 99 things that you should of by now seen on the Internet. The reason you “should have” seen them is because they are hilarious, outlandish, and down right ridiculous. For example, have you ever been to the website about the guy who started a religion Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?…HAHA what a joke. Many of the 99 things on the web mentioned are Youtube links, but as an avid Youtuber I would have to agree he has chosen many of the best. Checkout the site at and enjoy!

Cool Entertainment – CookieDough

If you want a little quick entertainment on your break today turn your audio up and Click Here. is a site where you can find all sorts of cool live animation. Dustin McLean (aka Dustball) is an animator, filmmaker, and musician who creates artistic video animations that are sure to keep you entertained. He records all the music himself. So for quick interesting clips such as this one, that I’m Sure you’ll enjoy, check out his sight at

Breathing Earth – A Must See!

Breathing Earth
This site by far is one of my all time favorites. Whether your a strong advocate of Global Warming or not, this site will still be interesting to you. is an interactive simulation of the world which shows you live coverage of  the worlds population, the birth rate and death rate, and the amount CO2 being emitted. You can mouse over any country in the world and view its population and CO2 statistics. For example, earlier today I moused over Japan. These are the Stats I got which fluctuated by the second:

Population: 127,107,186               1 Person Dies Every: 26.8 seconds               1 Person is Born Every: 31.5 seconds

1000 Tonnes of CO2 Emmited Every: 24.5 seconds               CO2 Emitted Per Person: 10.1 Tonnes / Year

The facts are interesting to see around the world. The simulator also calculates how long you have been on the site and will let you know how many births and deaths have occured since you have been watching, along with the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. I watched for less than 20 minutes and more than 1.5 million tons had been emitted. UT OH! Check this site out,, and if you want to learn about how much you personally are affectign the environment scroll down on and click on”Footprint Network” (or just go to

Water Footprint Network logoThis site is awesome because you can take a very short virtual quiz to find out how much you personally affect the enviornment. I found out that if every person on the planet lived my lifestyle it would take 9 planet earths worth of resources to support everyone..and I would consider my energy and resource usage to be average. I also found out that supporting my lifestle alone takes up about 39.8 global acres of land. Looks like its time for me to start getting a little more Green. I suggest you check out these sites and see how you can Help or at least get informed and watch a cool simulation ; )