John Beales Goes Camping – Whattt???

logo_destinationA programmer without his computer, eating canned food, and pitching a tent. Well at least that is my guess on what Mr. Beales is up to at the moment.  While our lead programmer is looking for a nice little natural restroom to pop a squat, we have plenty people working on furthering the development of the site.  However, there is no doubt that John Beales is the mastermind behind what is to come. It’s exciting, and should hit your screens sometime in the fall. We all agree that everybody needs a little vacation now and then, so in honor of John trying to build a fire instead of a logarithm, I suggest for all your camping needs! Check it out, it will show you where to go, how to get there, suggested gear to bring, and tons of other good stuff from all over the world.

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