What’s this Bonzo Daily thing?

You may have noticed that Ryan, one of our co-founders, has been posting cool and interesting sites for the past couple of weeks in the new Blog category Bonzo Daily.

Ryan is really great at finding interesting or funny things on the internet, so we want to share some of his finds with you. ¬†For now, we’re posting his Bonzo Daily articles both in the Bonzo Daily category and in the Latest News category so that they appear directly on BonzoBox.com, but we don’t plan on pushing them to BonzoBox.com forever, so subscribe to our RSS feed or follow @bonzobox on twitter¬†to keep getting the latest Bonzo Daily sites from Ryan.

PS. You can check out Ryan’s BonzoBox here.

2 thoughts on “What’s this Bonzo Daily thing?

  1. ontsen10

    i love checking the daily blog…definitely found some cool stuff I never knew about…keep it going

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