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GreenLogoWell, unless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the past year, you know that going green is a high priority everywhere. You cant hide from it nor can you escape it, so if you’re not already on board, the green train will catch up with you. Taking small steps towards helping the environment for yourself and generations to come is important… in fact it will become imperative . Nobody, is asking you to become an extremist but the best way to start small is in your Home! There are plenty of ways to go green at home on a daily basis that are very simple and might even save you some money.

CyberHomes.com‘s brand new Go Green at Home Super Feature offers all the information you need to make your house Eco-friendly.  Learn From Green Guru, James Glave, author of, How I Saved 1/6th of a Billionth of The Planet. Glave offers practical tips, video lessons, and other expert information throughout the Super Feature. You can learn how to greenify your homes in areas such as, home improvement, appliances, furniture, energy, cleaning, and yard and garden. The Green Super Feature is interactive and very user friendly. Be one of the first to check it out. Remember, starting by going green at home is one of the easiest ways to begin to be Eco-friendly. Get on it!

4 thoughts on “Go Green at Home! – CyberHomes.com Green Super Feature

  1. LightningSTL26

    I respectfully disagree. It causes more harm to the environment to scrap their old car to get a Prius. There are so many parts to car that are not recyclable and cause harm to environment when they are scrapped. If the goal is to lessen our carbon footprint left by our automobiles, then the solution is to look for alternative fuel; not to stall the use of gasoline by driving hybrids.

  2. John B

    But if you wait until your old car dies, *then* get a Prius, that would be good, assuming Priuses are still pretty cutting-edge when your car dies.

    That’s my plan, or I’ll try to keep my car running long enough to get something completely electric, (Tesla here I come!).

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