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Since you all have been reading my posts probably wondering where I come up with these websites to share, I want to give you a little info on myself, my personality, and why I do this. I feel like every blogger at some point should share who they are. First, I like to write, second, I pretty much sit at my computer all day until I go to sleep, and last, I really like diet coke. All of that combined means I find some pretty damn cool stuff on the web. I am one of the founders of BonzoBox, I felt there was a strong need for a social homepage online. I wanted something fun, something sleek, something organized. So far I’m happy. I’m in my early 20’s so I have a lot of energy and excitement so if I get a little wordy in my posts its because I’m really into what I’m writing. I SUCK, let me repeat, I SUCK at spelling. I love the part in Billy Madison when Adam Sandler spells chair, C H A R E. So if I spell something wrong post a comment, I’m always up for a little learning and a little criticism. I’m a little bit sarcastic most of the time but try and control myself in my posts but if a bit of opinion comes out, don’t be offended or be offended either way works. I really don’t like things that don’t make any logical sense. Like this trend of wearing sunglasses at night indoors. I was watching the ESPY’s…way too many indoor at night at a show sunglasses on. Anyways, i choose most sites that i suggest carefully making sure that the majority of users will like them, use them, and add them to their dashboard. i also don’t like capitalizing my i’s. Thats it for now ; ) . Keep checking back for cool new stuff.

6 thoughts on “@BonzoBox Users – About Me

  1. Ryan

    everything is bad for you these days. If you would like, try just eating lettuce and drinking water…that should keep you safe!

  2. Jean

    Your bright look makes me happy! How similar to Th#8llin&ri217; from the MAC beach collection is your lipstick? California weather is just so confusing. Last week it was all gorgeous sunny days!

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