BonzoBox Conference – June 2009

As BonzoBox continues to grow we are all excited for new upgrades and features to come. Our weekend conference begins today to discuss which features we will implement as 2010 approaches. There is no doubt that programming jargon surrounding everything from BonzoBox Mobile to comprehensive search algorithms and  URL shortening will be discussed. Whatever it is, these features will be tailored towards enhancing your online experience and making it easier for you to navigate the web, find great websites, and share them anywhere in the world with anyone you would like in fun and interactive ways. BonzoBox is now available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Deutsch with more languages to come!  Remember this weekend and the following developments and changes to come are for you. So if you’re a BonzoBox veteran or a brand new user, get excited as there is a plethora of upgrades to come. Stay tuned for a summary of this weekend and what will be coming soon to It’s sure to be a hard working, brain bashing, and entertaining weekend at the BonzoBox office.

Thank You for continuing to use,

Ryan Ozonian - Chief Creative Development
John Beales - Chief Technology Officer
Programming - Aniket Dixit, Ashit Vora, Gaurav Jotwani, Jonathan Sebastian, Vishwas Pandya, & Yash Patel
Marketing - Ken Yashamita, Gabe Wolpa

3 thoughts on “BonzoBox Conference – June 2009

  1. LightningSTL26

    Can’t wait to see all the new upcoming improvements to BonzoBox! Kudos to all you at BonzoBox!

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