Welcome Back from the Long Weekend

Well, it’s Tuesday and I hope that all of you BonzoBoxers in the US had a great long weekend, maybe fired up the grill, and honored the memory of the brave men and women that gave their lives to keep the country strong and free. 

We saw that you were not spending your time on BonzoBox this weekend, and while you were away we did a bunch of small upgrades.  Most of them were small and make things a little faster or work a little better.  The thing you will most likely notice that when you look at a buddy’s websites, (like mine at bonzobox.com/johnbeales), you shouldn’t see which providers your buddy was using in his E-mail tab.

There are a bunch more small updates scheduled to roll out throughout the week to help improve your experience on BonzoBox.  We won’t be blogging about them all, but we will try to post most of them on Twitter so if you’re not already doing it, follow us at twitter.com/bonzobox.  

Have a great week.

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